Our promise

We supply you with a large variety of different solutions for your Botulinum toxin research. No matter, if you need highly purified toxins, toxin complexes or semi-purified culture supernatants as a low-priced alternative - you will find them with us.

Our bacterial collection comprises Clostridium botulinum strains of all types and of many known subtypes. If the product you need cannot be found on our list, we would be happy to produce and to purify it according to your specifications.

We offer

  • a large variety of different toxin types, subtypes and purities.
  • toxins, which are tested according to standardized methods in our quality control department. This ensures reliable and comparable toxin solutions - from toxin to toxin and from batch to batch.
  • toxins, which are processed and purified by filtration and chromatography, only. We carefully avoid any precipitation steps to minimize the effects on the complex structure.
  • extensive pre- and post-sales support for all our products


We look forward to getting in contact with you.

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