Protection by timely detection

miPROTECT  rapid test is designed for the detection of biological threat agents in the field. Suspicious environmental samples can be quickly analysed and results are obtained within a few minutes. For its handy size (110 mm x 30 mm) and the lateral positioned recessed grips, this test is suitable for first responders wearing protecting clothing (military personel, civil protection, fire brigade etc.).

miPROTECT is an immunochromatographic test for the detection of biological threat agents by means of an immunochemical reaction forming a complex between antigen and specific antibodies. Because of using colloidal gold, the test is suitable for a visual read-out. In addition, tests can be measured with a portable reader provided by miprolab. This reader allows a semi-quantification of the test-signals.

Only a few easy steps are needed to get a reliable result:

  1. Suspicious samples, both solid and liquid alike, have to be collected with ready-to-use sampling devices provided with the kit.
  2. Using the sampling devices, diluted sample has to be applied onto the sample port of the test cassette.
  3. After exactly 20 minutes, test result can be read out in the result window of the test cassette.

The appearance of one red line (control line) in the result window of the test cassette indicates a negative result. The test is positive if two red lines appear.

miprolab was assigned to develop the rapid test for the detection of biological threat agents in a joint project with the Federal Office of Civil Protection (SPIEZ Laboratory, Switzerland), the Science & Technology center of armasuisse (W+T/armasuisse, Switzerland), and the Bundeswehr Research Institute for Protective Technologies and NBC Protection (WIS, Munster, Germany).

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